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Kennel of Japanese Akita

akita hodowla
akita hodowlaakita hodowlaakita hodowlaakita hodowla

About kennel

The beginning of my fascination with the Akita Inu breed began in 2009, when I built my new house. At that time I decided to purchase a dog. I was the owner of Labrador in the past, so this time the dog had to be more original :-) There were few assumptions and requirements. It had to be a big dog, family and a guard dog. The dog had to be alert but not barking without a reason, balanced, tolerant towards cat, which also lived in our house.

Searches of the ideal breed were long and exhausting, till at last I found animal husbandry of Mrs. Jola Talaga "The Halne Hill", where I read the extensive description of fascinating history and the standard blood of Akita Inu. Then I came to the conclusion that no other breed fulfilled so many of my expectations as much as Akita and this is a breed undoubtedly exceptional and different than all. What is more, I was absolutely impressed of the look of Akitas - dignified, elegant and very Asian :-)

Then, I contacted Mrs. Jola, ordered a puppy and I was waiting impatiently for the moment when she will live in our house. This is how in March 2010 my family has welcomed a new member - Yuri Halne Hill.

Yuri immediately captured hearts of everyone in our home including heart of our cat- Sasha. From day to day we confirmed in the belief that the purchase of Akita was the best decision. Then the fascination with this breed stretched on the fascination with Japan, its culture, art and cuisine. Today we invite guests on self prepared, professional sushi, and beautiful Japanese flower-bed arose in the garden.

In 2010 we began to show Yuri in Puppies Class, where each time she received the note "of remarkably promising puppy". In 2011 I became pregnant, and in September I gave birth to a son, from here also there was neither time nor possibility of showing Yuri.

In 2012, we returned to the show achieving a license for Yuri as breeding female. In early 2013 it was decided that Yuri should be a mother and it is a good time to start breeding Akita Inu dogs, which for a long time I have dreamed of. So I submitted an application for certificate registration, and so this is how we created our little breeding - Midori Niwa.

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