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akita hodowla
akita hodowlaakita hodowlaakita hodowlaakita hodowla

Before buying

Akita Inu is a dog in every aspect fascinating, but this is not a breed for everyone. Anyone intending to buy the dog of this breed should have the consciousness of all advantages and drawbacks.

I will begin with advantages, and there are many :-)

Akita Inu is very spectacular and this is not the only subjective opinion of her owners. The dog has an elegant, outright dignified look, a beautiful head, and exceptional eyes betraying Asian origin. This is the original breed and it is little known (what for me is an advantage). Dog arouses the general admiration of passers-by on walks, people at veterinary hospital, from little children up to the older ladies :-)

Akita is an excellent guardian, very alert, suspicious toward strangers and at the same time silent, not barking without a reason. Being on her property, or on the walk, she does not bark on passing cars, or other dogs, or people she knows, or "normally" behaving passers-by. She signals only, what will disturb her and what she will find untypical. She can for example bark at somebody strangely dressed on the walk.

She is a great family friend, very related to all family members, including visiting grandparents :-) Well socialized Akita likes children, though I think that females in this regard overmatch with males. Our Yuri likes our elder sons friends whom she adores play frantically in the garden. In relation to the younger son she is very delicate and attentive. When the son exaggerates with playing she simply leaves. She quickly accepts all of our friends and members of the family visiting our house. She remembers these people easily, warmly greeting them at the second visit. She does functions very well at home with the second animal ( in our case with the cat ).I would like to notice that other cats she completely does not tolerate, and to other dogs she is not sociably set. Although she happens to like strange dog at once and was very friendly to him.

When it comes to features that not everyone can relate to, or even disqualify Akita is a difficult character for sure. Akita dog is strongly dominant. It need firm training as a puppy. It has natural instinct to have an order in its pack. She is sometimes stubborn, unruly, still investigating where the boundary of what she can obey. She is intelligent, but difficult in training and we will not teach Akita any circus tricks :-) When we trained Yuri to retrieve, she looked at her teacher very surprised. When the German Sheppard eagerly will bring back the ball thrown to him hundred times, Akita will make this once or twice and will acknowledge that a task is completed and what else do they want from her?

If somebody is seeking the dog to a pen – Akita is absolutely the wrong choice. Isolated from people Akita will become a fearful, aggressive, wild and unhappy dog. This is a dog constantly seeking company of its master and taking part in family life but not everybody will like that. A dog stays outside when we are not at home. But in summer when patio doors are open and Akita has a possibility to freely go inside and out. In a remaining time, she spends nights at home. And for some reasons Akita is not a dog for those who require absolute cleanliness in the house. Twice a year, Akita sheds heavily, dropping huge amounts of fluffy undercoat that flies around the house. Vacuuming and sweeping up to twice a day is essential for the maintenance of the house in "good order."

Akita dog is expensive to buy and maintain. If you want to buy a nice and healthy dog with a good pedigree Akita we have to reckon with considerable expense. The savings by buying a puppy from a cheap pseudo-breeder, who is focused on profit or purchase Akito-like a dog without a pedigree can be a disaster for someone who dreams of true Akitia. In fact, after the dog is fully grown it is not going to have a standard Akita look and required characteristics for this breed. To dog’s purchase costs there are costs associated with registration of the dog in the Kennel Club, veterinary care and food, not to mention the cost of possible showing. Akita is a large dog and needs a large portion of not just any food. Good food is essential especially during the growing time, which goes by very fast. Negligence that has been made at this time are not recoverable in the future.

If, despite the above-described disadvantages of owning a dog of this breed you are still fascinated by the Akita - this is the dog for you!

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